Pioneer Heritage Townsite Museum | 580-335-5844 | West of Tillman Courthouse


Designed to represent a rural townsite in the 1920s, this museum includes several authentic buildings, including the 1901 Frisco Depot, the 1902 Horse Creek School, a 1924 farmhouse, and a 1924 church.

In 1977 the Frederick Rotary Club and the Tillman County Historical Society joined forces to save and move the one-room 1902 Horse Creek School from its original site in the northeast part of the county to a new location in Frederick.

In 1996 the museum became affiliated with the Oklahoma Historical Society which coordinated renovations to the 1902 Frisco Depot where President Roosevelt once stood and made a speech for the Abernathy Boy’s father, “Catch ‘em Alive” Jack Abernathy.  The Oklahoma Historical Society also reformatted the museum to represent a rural townsite in the 1920s.  The name was then formally changed from the “Tillman County Historical Museum” to the “Pioneer Heritage Townsite Center.”

The townsite houses 10+ exhibits of 1920’s rural style living in Oklahoma.  The museum’s friendly staff is always available for questions and tours.  A seasonal garden is also available for viewing.  Seasonal crops include cotton, corn and wheat.

Inside the townsite you will also find the Abernathy Boys Exhibit and Statue.  The townsite is home to several annual events in Frederick, such as “Concerts in the Park” in June and “Arts in Action” in September.

The Townsite is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11:30-2:30 or by appointment. For more information visit their website or call the chamber office at 580-335-2126.