Frederick, Oklahoma is the new up and coming scene for arts. Though events and venues are still in the works,
Frederick is already called home by many talented and successful artists.


Jenny Perry: a Mosaic Master
Jenny's work has been featured in Chicago, California, Washington D.C., Dallas and England. She will also be featured at the Governor's Gallery in the Oklahoma State Capital in 2015. Jenny Perry is our treasured local mosaic artist who owns a gallery at 127 West Grand.  She gives art classes monthly and is always at an art show when she isn't busy at the post office.


Clint Reid: A Mind of His Own
Clint Reid was born and raised in Frederick.  He graduated and made a name for himself in Red River, New Mexico making T-shirts and doing Graphic Design.  He has recently rejoined the community and quickly been put to work creating graphics for all things imaginable.
His creativity is intriguing


Pat McAlister: Intricate Gourd Painter
A regional artist, Pat McAlister has painted western art that has been displayed everywhere from
Frederick to New Mexico.  He has recently ventured into the dashing detail of gourd painting. 


Valarie Clayton: Photographer and Beyond
Owner of Treasured Memories Photography Studio at 103 N. Main, Valarie Clayton has created
beautiful senior portraits, baby photographs and much, much more.  She is now venturing into
great new things such as community collaging. She is the creator of the banner for this website. 


Sara Sanger: Jewelry Artist
A graduate of Frederick High School, Sara found her calling in life through making jewelry.
Her designs are beautifully unique and can be admired or purchased at KC’s Gift Shop in Frederick.
Each piece is wonderfully hand made.


Trappings by Q: hand craft jewelry
In his spare time Quintin Kinder discovered that he was an artist at heart. He's been hammering bracelets out of materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass then incorporating them with natural materials he's found on the ranch he and his wife Michelle own. Along with their daughter Mercedes, you can find Quintin and Michelle at local art venues and trade shows. 




Jennifer Grice: Portraits that Inspire
She can instantly make you lose weight, have bigger hair or look more excited.
Jennifer Grice does beautiful family portraits, senior pictures and everything in between.
Under the name, Jen’s Pics, you can find her at her studio or online inspiring with her photography.