The Crawford Collection | 580-335-4398 | 115 N. Main


This is the Crawford family’s collection of amazing trophy mount animals that they have assembled from their hunts throughout the world. It includes approximately 170 specimens, including lions, bears, a bull-elephant, rhino, python, giraffe, and many, many more. The animals are not behind glass or ropes, but are positioned so that visitors can move close and walk around them for amazing views.

The number one rule, however, is NO TOUCHING. In order to keep the animals in high-quality condition, the touching has to be off-limits.  Although, your eyes should be satisfied enough for all of your senses.

Felisha Crawford leads most tours and tells fascinating stories about the animals. A visit to The Crawford Collection is an amazing and memorable experience. 

The collection is open every 2nd Saturday and when there are events going on around town.  Of course, private tours are easily accessible and this is a very popular exhibit with school groups and retired communities.  If you are interested in viewing the Crawford Collection contact Felisha Crawford at the above number or call the chamber office at 580-335-2126.